Restore, Edit and Retouch


Photo Restoration

Your photo is scanned and manipulated digitally. This preserves the original which is left unaltered and returned to you. You can even scan your image and send it to us, but for best results we recommend we scan the original.

Photo repair times can vary on the size of the image and amount of repair to be carried out. This can range from 15 mins to several hours. Generally your finished digital image will be completed in a few days. All quotations are free and you do have to pay anything until you are happy with the proof image.

What can we do?

• Scratches, scuffs and creases

• Stain damage

• Photos stuck to glass

• Torn up or ripped photos

• Photos that have sections missing

•Enlarge and resize

Slide these images to see before and after restoration.


Photo Editing

Using industry leading software we can edit and alter your photographs. From simple processing and tweaking right up to creating special effects.

We can replace skies, remove people from a background or create photo compositions.

There are almost no limits to what can be achieved but all enquiries are dealt with on a one-to-one basis and proofs will be provided to ensure your expectations are met. You only pay once you are satisfied with the end product. We can create compositions using our own library of photos and resources or we can use yours providing that they are free from copyright restrictions or licenced to be used as such.

Below are just a couple of examples or photo compositions, sky replacement and artistic styling.


Photo Retouching

Commonly known as 'airbrushing' or 'photoshopping,' photos upon request, can be altered to remove or reduce the appearance of things such as spots or blemishes, stray hairs, wrinkles and can even slim or enhance aspects of the body or face to detract from or draw attention to a particular feature. Skin can be smoothed, makeup can be changed and hair colour can be changed. We prefer to use these techniques sparingly and in moderation to enhance an image, however, this is dependent on the clients wishes and how the final image may be used.

All of our services by default will include at no extra charge, a basic level of retouching where applicable. Please ask us if you would like to know more about what is included or if you have any specific requests.