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Below are details of standard services I offer. I offer very flexible prices to suit your needs. At Cadam Photography I love to be challenged, so if you have a special request we would love to hear from you.I also offer a free no obligation consultation. This is a chance to discuss your shoot and bounce ideas, but also a chance to get to know me. There is no requirement to pay or book at a consultation.



Wedding packages to suit all occasions. From ceremony coverage to a full day and an engagement shoot. Please click below to read more.

wedding photography by cadam eastbourne

cadam photography eastbourne photographer photo box with prints
cadam photography eastbourne photographer photo box with prints and latch
cadam photography eastbourne photographer photo box with prints
cadam photography eastbourne photographer photo box with prints
cadam photography eastbourne photographer photo box with prints

Photo Shoot Services

My personalised home shoot package is ideal for families, couples or individuals. I offer a free consultation at no extra charge. This is a good time to discuss any ideas you may have to get the most out of your shoot. A typical home shoot can be conducted using the portable studio space or using props and the natural environment of your home.

Most people that may never have been photographed professionally are naturally nervous. What I set out to achieve with my clients is to instil trust and mutual understanding, and to know the final product and the means of achieving it. Meaning I communicate as best as possible with you to fully understand what kind of photos you want, and welcome any input and suggestions from clients. After all, they will be your photos.

An ideal option for many occasions such as family days out, anniversaries or even a modelling portfolio. A massive choice in scenery and every season has something different to offer. Shoots can be arranged anytime from dusk till dawn, and you can specify a location of your choice. It should be noted too that a Location Shoot is not limited to outdoor public areas, it may also include private residences such as stately homes, hotel grounds and historic buildings. However relevant permissions will have to be sought. This option is ideal for large groups or families.

There are so many possibilities of where how you can have your Location Shoot. Some favourites of course are, Hampden Park, the seafront, Gildredge Park, Seven Sisters Country Park and the South Downs. Urban settings can also be explored.

If you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just having a get-together, preserve the moments with me. I can attend your parties and events to record the day. This might include a birthday or graduation party, or anything else that brings families together.

If you’re hiring a function hall why not take it one step further and hire our studio as well. This creates a fantastic opportunity to capture some really fun photos of your guests. Most halls will accommodate a studio this size very well. All guests will have access to an online gallery system with a secret client login that they can download photos from and even order prints. This creates a unique and memorable experience for you and the guests and is always sure to be a wonderful present.

Prices start from just £99. Please get in touch for an exact quote.

Digital Packages
Digital options avaiable on all packages. Giving you full resoloution and web optimized versions with full printing rights.
Free Consultation

I offer a free consultation with any of my services to discuss any needs or ideas you have may have for your shoot.

Personalise your shoot

Presentation boxes finished to order, your choice of style and location for your shoot.

Online Gallery
All packages offer an online gallery that you can use to show friends and family.
Portable Studio
Backdrops and lighting that can be taken just about anywhere.
Extras Available
Order extra prints and canvases directly from our high quality print lab, delivered to your door


christening photography by cadam eastbourne


Christenings are a truly special time in a child’s life and an event you’ll want to remember. Whether you are having a quiet family ceremony, or a large event with many guests; invite me to capture and record yours and your child’s memorable day.


Photo Editing, Restoration and Retouching

photo editing by cadam photography

Don’t throw away all your old damaged photos. Ask me for a free quote to restore and repair faded, scratched or torn photographs. Even photos that contain elements you want to remove such as people in the background or distracting objects. You may have 2 photos that you would like merged together, this is usually possible if the angles are similar and have overlapping frames.


Photo alterations are not just limited to old and damaged photographs, work can be carried out on any image that is not protected by third party copyright. Entire skies or backgrounds can be replaced or enhanced.


photo black and white restored by cadam photography